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RevolutionSF Podcast: Talking Small Press & Indy Publishing

This week’s RevCast (RevolutionSF Podcast) features a discussion about small press & indy publishing, with host Deanna Toxopeus and co-hosts/guests Van Allen Plexico (White Rocket Books) and James Palmer (Giant Robot Books).  Enjoy!

LISTEN HERE:  http://revolutionsf.libsyn.com/webpage/roundtable-161-indie-publishin


GIANT ROBOT BOOKS: The New Publisher in Town!

There’s a new publisher who has taken up the mantel of New Pulp.
 Writer and editor James Palmer has formed a new publishing imprint designed to take advantage of the surge in popularity of New Pulp fiction, as well as the huge explosion of Print on Demand publishing and ebooks.
 “This is an amazing time to be a writer or editor,” says Palmer.  “I really wanted to hit the ground running with something that can use these new technologies in new and unique ways.”
 Giant Robot Books will not only publish New Pulp, but weird western, steampunk, and sci-fi, and has several anthologies planned.
 “I will be rolling out some theme anthologies as well as individual novels and short stories,” says Palmer.  “Stick around. It’s going to be a wild ride.”
Giant Robot Books is a new publishing imprint specializing in science fiction, New Pulp, steampunk, and more. To learn more or sign up for the free monthly newsletter, visit http://www.giantrobotbooks.com/. You can also follow GRB on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GiantRobotBooks and Twitter @giantrobotbooksImage

BLACKTHORN: THUNDER ON MARS– Best New Pulp Character of the Year!


BLACKTHORN: THUNDER ON MARS won “Best New Pulp Character” at Pulp Ark 2012!

Betrayed and left for dead on the battlefield, US Army General John Blackthorn awakens many thousands of years later to find himself trapped amidst the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Mars, his only companions a savage Mock-Man and a mysterious sorceress. Their war to free this strange new world from oppression won’t be easy: Arrayed against them are the four tyrannical First Men–masters of magic and technology alike–the dreaded Sorcerers of Mars!

BLACKTHORN: THUNDER ON MARS is a post-apocalyptic adventure saga in the spirit of “Thundarr the Barbarian” and “John Carter of Mars,” featuring original stories by New Pulp luminaries Mark Bousquet, Joe Crowe, Bobby Nash, James Palmer, Van Allen Plexico, Sean Taylor, and I. A. Watson, and illustrated by Chris Kohler. Cover by James Burns.

“Original, entertaining, action-packed!” —Wayne Reinagel, author of the Pulp Heroes and Modern Marvels novels.

Get it in paperback here:  http://www.amazon.com/Blackthorn-Thunder-Van-Allen-Plexico/dp/0984139265

Or on Kindle for just $2.99:  http://www.amazon.com/Blackthorn-Thunder-on-Mars-ebook/dp/B006FBRHG8