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Planetary Stories presents Erwin K Roberts’ “Destiny: His Path to the Stars”

His destiny is the Universe. He just doesn’t know it yet.
World War II, in the remote Pacific, a lone U.S. Army Air Corps pilot is shot down over a small group of islands. Not ordinary islands. Amazing and terrifying events soon begin. With more than just the war at stake, can he help save the day? And the world?
Read “How The Name Came” here: http://www.planetarystories.com/name.htm
Our hero has been drafted. To fight the part of the war no one dares reveal. So off to China he goes to check out a friendly pilot who flies a near Mach 1 piston engine fighter. But there’s much more to the mystery than that.
“The Secret of the Aero-Plane” can be found here: http://www.planetarystories.com/aeroplane.htm
The enemy is throwing rocks into a U.S. airbase. Big rocks that make craters. Diverted to solve this new mystery, he unknowingly tries to protect the biggest secret of the war.
Learn what happened “When the Sea Blazed at Tinian.”: http://www.planetarystories.com/Cody-Tinian.pdf
Coming this fall:
The war is over. Now he must recruit allies who also believe that we are not alone. For, in less than six years, he will set foot on the moon. To defend the Earth.

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